Monday, October 31, 2016

Man in the Ocean

Oil on canvas, 12"x9"

This is a painting of a handsome, muscular man emerging from the ocean. He's dripping wet and glistening, the warm golden tones of his body contrasting with the blues and greens of the sea. I enjoyed painting the highlights on his shining skin, the transparent green wave lapping against him and the droplets falling off his arm. This is a very happy, sensual painting that evokes a perfect day at the beach with a beautiful man, bright sun and warm water.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Male Figure Study

Oil on canvas, 12"x9"

This painting is a figure study and portrait of a handsome man. I wanted to do a study of this gorgeous man and his athletic musculature while keeping a focus on painterly brushwork, texture and light. I'm happy that I also captured a sweet expressiveness in his face. The golden tones of his body are complemented by the warm blue-grey of the background. There's a casual feel combined with moodiness that makes this painting both contemporary and timeless. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Portrait of a Pensive Flapper - sold

Oil on canvas, 10"x8"

This a portrait of a young woman sporting a version of the Eton Crop, an androgynous hairstyle that gained popularity in the 1920s. Cropped or bobbed hair was a startling departure from the uniformly long hair and elaborate hairdos that women had worn throughout history and a major statement for a rebellious generation. While no doubt many of these women were just following a trend, I like to think of those who were genuinely hoping to break free of gender restrictions and have the same opportunities for self determination and expression as men. I painted this girl in vivid colors to match her bold dreams.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Portrait of a Young Man

Oil on canvas 10"x8"

One reason I love creating portraits is that I get to study faces as I paint them. I could look at this face all day. I think what I find so compelling is the strength and sculpted beauty of his features in combination with his open, sensitive gaze. 

I used a combination of varied edges to convey depth and a pale grayish blue background to complement the warm tones of his skin.